International Students

Medicine, Psychology, and Education Internships for International Students  

Only U.S. citizens are eligible for internships in these 3 industries in New York City and Boston due to U.S. State Department government regulations. International students interested in these 3 industries are encouraged to apply to our London program. 

Visa information for international students participating in a program in the U.S.

Students and their families are responsible for obtaining any required Visas. Due to the brief period of time of our programs, international students should obtain a short stay B-2 TOURIST visa, (not a STUDENT visa), from the American Embassy or Consulate in their home country.

Refund Policy due to Travel Visas Denial

All students are responsible for making travel arrangements and obtaining all travel documents (including visas) necessary to attend a Summer Discovery program in an appropriate time frame. Summer Discovery Programs will refund the entire program fee should a student be denied a travel visa prior to June 1. Standard Summer Discovery refund policies will apply to students denied a visa after June 1.

Students who require a visa for travel to a Summer Discovery program should, due to the nature of each program and its duration, obtain the equivalent of a TOURIST visa, not a student visa, from the appropriate embassy or consulate.

Payment procedure for international students participating in a program in the U.S.

All international students living outside the U.S. and attending a program in the U.S. will be assessed a non-refundable $295 International Registration Fee. This fee includes health/medical insurance coverage (with deductible) while attending a Summer Discovery or Discovery Internships program, and airport meet and assist/airport transfers in the U.S. 

All international payments must be made as follows (credit cards are only accepted for the initial deposit and the $295 International Registration Fee):

1. By check drawn on a U.S. bank in U.S. funds payable to Musiker Discovery Programs, Inc. (MDP) (i.e. international money order) or
2. By wire transfer to include the following information:

  • This information will be forwarded upon full completion of your application.
  • Bank charges and/or wire transfer fees incurred are the responsibility of the student/parent. MDP will credit only the actual payment in U.S. dollars credited to MDP by The First National Bank of Long Island.