Why Us?

There are many great reasons to choose Discovery Internships. In short, we are by far the biggest, most experienced, and best at what we do. When it comes to high school internship programs, there really isn't another legitimate option that has the breadth of program offerings and employer relationships, depth of experience working with high school students, and the curricular backbone that we can provide.

If you're considering another program, ask the following questions:

  • Who provides your college credit? And, if not offered, are you aware that Federal labor regulations require that students receive credit for an unpaid internship? Our answer: Marist College
  • How many distinct internship opportunities do you have? Our answer: Over 1000
  • How long have you been running summer programs for high school students? Our answer: 51 years

Take a look at these other great reasons to choose Discovery Internships.

  • Over a decade of placement experience

    We have 12 years of experience securing internship opportunities for over 10,000 high school and students. We work with thousands of companies around the world who are committed to your professional growth. If accepted, your internship placement is guaranteed.

  • Your personal Internship Coordinator

    Your Internship Coordinator (IC) will help you determine the best internship opportunities for your interests, skills, and goals and then secure your internship with a host organization from within our extensive network of internship providers. Your IC will be on-hand in your host city during program to help you prepare for your internship and provide ongoing support in all aspects of your internship experience.

  • 3 of the world's best cities

    Intern in a world-class destination: Boston. London. New York. Each city is unique and amaxing in its own way. You will live in the heart of the city in an incredible student residence hall or hotel. With the city at your doorstep, a beautiful campus to call home, and friends to enjoy it all with, you're in for an amazing summer.

  • Health, safety, and security

    Your health, safety, and security are our primary concerns. Discovery campuses have been chosen for their superb locations, excellent campus security, and major medical centers. There is zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs.

  • Freedom with support & balance

    Choose how to occupy your time your internship, choosing from up to 5 daily after work and evening activities. Discovery staff instill time management skills and provide support, so you can evaluate options and make positive decisions. An important element to college (and high school) success is the ability to balance the academic, cultural, recreational, and social aspects of campus life. We help you succeed.

  • Be yourself, and part of a group

    Bring a guitar if you’d like, or your sketch book or journal, a baseball glove, lacrosse stick, and your computer. But most importantly, come with open mind. You'll have the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of your industry and company, and through every day interactions with your fellow Discovery interns you'll learn about each others internship experiences, not to mention their cultures and views.

  • New friends and roommates

    Meeting people and making friends is easy. On each program, all students and staff live in one residence. This "one residence, one community" concept fosters greater safety and sociability.

    Roommates are assigned after students complete a detailed Personal Profile in the spring. (Mutual roommate requests are honored.) 

  • Beyond your internship

    Your tuition includes more than just internship placement, college credit, room, and board. Extracurricular activities and trips are provided every afternoon, evening, and weekend at no additional charge. All Discovery Internships programs are superbly located near world-class cultural, entertainment, and recreational attractions. You'll get to experience the best that your city has to offer, from big name attractions to "locals only" type events.

  • Gain valuable work experience

    A professional internship gives you the opportunity to get real-world work experience in a field of interest. This experience will help you stand out when applying to college and in your next internship or a future job.

  • Gain insight into a career field

    Witness the day to day activities of professionals in your field and get a sense of what it might be like to choose it as a career. Not only are you given an opportunity to get your questions answered by industry professionals on a daily basis, but you'll also gain an understanding of how your academic studies translate into practical application.

  • Proof of capabilities

    An internship gives you an opportunity to help with professional projects and support business operations, an unusual level of professional experience for most high schoolers. This serves as proof of your capabilities to future employers and college admissions officers.


  • Build a network

    An internship is a fantastic opportunity for students to meet professionals and make new connections. A network of professionals that can help you with future job searches and that can recommend your work can be the difference between getting that next internship, a full-time job out of college, or that dream position that you never thought possible.

  • We're always available

    All Discovery locations feature a fully operational office in our residence for parents to call or email 7 days a week. Residences are equipped with high-speed internet access on most campuses and you are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop computer. You are required to bring a cell phone with local service to all programs.