Mission Statement

Discovery Internships is powered by the expertise and experience of Musiker Discovery Programs. We are by far the biggest, most experienced, and best at what we do. When it comes to high school internship programs, there really isn't another legitimate option that has the breadth of program offerings and employer relationships, depth of experience working with high school students, and the curricular backbone that we provide.

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  • “My internship helped me realize that I made the right decision and that a career in this field is what I want to do with my life.”
    MEAGHAN TURNERNew York, New York
  • “I loved this experience more than I thought I ever would! The staff were kind, the activities were fun and I am so glad I did this program.” ERIN MCCLORY Grantham, New Hampshire
  • “This program is great. I met so many new people that I hope to stay in touch with after this program. I got to experience and see so much of London and I learned how to be more independent.”
    NICOLE BOCCHI Stockholm, New York
  • “The highlight of my internship was getting to work with such talented people in a fun but fast paced environment. I learned a lot about myself and the field that I hope to have a career in someday.” SOPHIE CROCKETT West Hills, California
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