Mission Statement

Discovery Internships is powered by the expertise and experience of Musiker Discovery Programs. We are by far the biggest, most experienced, and best at what we do. When it comes to high school internship programs, there really isn't another legitimate option that has the breadth of program offerings and employer relationships, depth of experience working with high school students, and the curricular backbone that we provide.

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  • “I loved my internship because I learned to be more assertive and developed skills that will help me be successful later in life. I could not be more satisfied with my stay here in London.”
    RYAN GOREYMercer Island, Washington
  • “I loved my experience and learned so much from my internship- it clarified my career goals. I love New York, it was amazing living in one of the biggest cities in the world.” ALLISON GOULD Livingston, New Jersey
  • “Discovery Internships truly opens many opportunities for students who want to have a job experience in an authentic/professional atmosphere. My culinary internship at the Fig Catering Company had a positive impact towards my future and now I know for sure that I want to pursue this career.”

    KERMIT RODRIGUEZ New York, New York
  • “The city gave me a lot of amazing opportunities. The program staff and internship coordinators were always there to help. I learned a lot from my internship and I am really happy that I decided to participate at an internship after already experiencing two Summer Discovery programs.” CHIARA LAZZERESCHI Genova, Italy
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